Sunday, 24 April 2016

Life as we know it

She looked away from her laptop, and wondered ‘ wait… what do I really want to do in life’?.
‘Dummy! Concentrate on your paper! Now is not the time to have philosophical discussions with yourself’, said her mind.
‘But wait… what is the point of writing this paper? I mean… I don’t know what to do in LIFE!!!!’ she shouted back.
‘well, you write this, or you can say good bye to your grades’, her mind retorted.
‘Fine’, she conceded, and went back to her paper.
‘Whew! Its 11:46! Atleast I managed to send this is in 14 minutes before the deadline’, she told herself, giving herself a tired mental pat.
‘Now, I can think about my life!’
Just then, her phone pinged with a text. It was the cute guy from her economics class. ‘Hey! Do you want to hang out tomorrow? We could go grab some coffee or something?’ he asked.
‘yay!!!!!’ She did a happy little dance, earning weird looks from the other drowsy kids in the library.

The rest of her night was spent thinking about cute guy, and her philosophical side was pushed away till the next exhausting study session. 

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