Saturday, 25 July 2015


Seeing it all, as if for the very first time
The green of the plants. the tan of the ground.
The shine of the marble, the beauty of the wood.

The lines on her face, the piece of silk
Covering her chemo- baldness
As she walks around the porch,
In a path unchanged in decades

The silver in his hair, the humour in his eyes
He Makes a grand gesture
As I descend down the stairs.
His way of greeting his princess.

An adorable smile on her face, 
As she turns from the stove
And holds her arms out for a hug.
"Good morning cutie pie", she says
In a tone filed with love and joy

The closed door to his room,
Behind which he sleeps
In my mind's eye, the walls are no barrier
As I see him clearly, sprawled out on the bed.
A peaceful smile on his face.

19 days and counting
To-do lists running into pages
Agitation a familiar churning
Emotions, a confused ball of wool

At this point, excitement is overwhelmed
By a cacophony of sadness, fear and nostalgia
Spinning the mind in circles
But, somehow normal

Part of the process, I realize
Temporary after all
For which girl wouldn't feel likewise
When doors opening require old doors to close?