Friday, 20 June 2014


By day she smiles, she laughs aloud
her infectious joy was praised by the crowd
By night she cries, silent and hidden
pain smothered by pillows, cries, softened

Filled with hurts of years past,
Filled with hatred for who she is 
Overwhelmed with problems, both true and false.
Crying out into the sky so vast

Driven by desperation, dark and keen
Tired of pain! craving release
A saline solution, she discovers is key
so she toasts to herself and drinks on three

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She cries and cries , bent over the bowl,
begs for forgiveness, from the one above
Agony to anger, anger to hatred
Till at last she purges, her sorrow, dangerous 


Now she's relaxed, freed from the dark
on a laugh she rises, shakes herself out
A smile she flashes, blinding and bright
To the world, she returns , a beacon of light

This cycle, it continues - day in and day out
No one suspects! Not a single doubt
Joy by day , desolation by night
Till slowly ... Slowly she fades and loses the fight 

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