Sunday, 1 July 2012

CLEANING OUT MY CUPBOARD : A heartwarming experience

I am one of those people who have a large cupboard which is stuffed with clothes (5%) and other stuff (95%).Today, I was cleaning out my cupboard after 2 years (ouch!). Basically, my cupboard has 4 shelves in 2 parts. The second ( and main ) shelf is literally big enough for a 5'1 sized person to sleep in! and it is this portion that holds a lot of my stuff of the past 3-4 years (the other shelves have stuff dating back to 8 years :P).

Initially, I was full of enthusiasm to finish the work as fast as possible and went into super-woman mode... but  as the cleaning went on, I started uncovering 'treasures' and my movements slowed down. Some of them brought tears to my eye ( of joy, pride and remembrance ) , some of them made me smile. Yet others made me laugh out ( my diaries written in 8th grade and the guide to magical creatures my friend and I wrote at about the same time :P) and some of them made me sigh. I always thought I was a careless , but my opinion started to change when I saw how carefully I had preserved so many treasures over the years.I found an un-started scrap book which I was supposed to have started working on in the beginning of last year but had not  yet gotten down to.I found all the stuff I had collected to put into it and my heart warmed , looking at them.

so, even though I had started the cleaning spree with a resolution to clean out at least 80% of my stuff, I found myself incapable of dumping even 10% of it. I set them all back neatly into my cupboard... leaving the trashing job for the next time I decide to clean out :P

Friday, 25 May 2012


It was just a normal day
until you out of nowhere came
into my life as a whisper,
and changed me so i could never be the same

I had never spoken to you,
never given you any attention
and yet, your stares my way,
put my heart in confusion

"Do you really 'look' at me?
or is it just my imagination?
even if you do, why do I care?
For a crush, why do they act as foundation?"

It hurts me to see you
walk around and never make a move
I want to know you, and you- me
as truth or otherwise, I ask you to prove

And since that very first day,
that very first look,
you have been on my mind
and made for yourself, an ever awake nook

PARTING WORDS (for zoe and nut :) )

One year, One lifetime
Two girls, Two beating hearts
Through thick and thin, my companions
Both, when happy and when in parts

Friendships, lifelong to be cherished
Faces, forever to be remembered
Voices, always whispering in my ears,
Happy times, in hearts and minds, captured

Lessons learned, Mistakes made
Laughter echoed, and tears shed,
Sisters by heart, if not by blood,
A bond formed- that cannot fade

Oceans may separate us,
And culture, divide
but in my heart, we are together,
missed, cherished and loved forever

Sunday, 1 April 2012



(This is a short episode out of the life of a girl called Radhika- a 11th grader  )

That day, while I was walking from the AV room of my school, back to class, my hyper-active friend suddenly stopped me in mid-sentence  and started whispering frantically - "RAD!!!! there He is!!! He is looking at you again" I rolled my eyes, There she goes!' I thought. 'Radhika!!!!! Look NOW! He is staring at you!!!!' -she screamed in my ear. 'Pramila, is it absolutely necessary that you scream in my ear?I dont CARE who is looking at me or why ok? so stop making up stories'. Pramila silent screamed in frustration ' I am NOT making up any stories' she says. Thankfully, by that time we reached class.

A week later, while I was studiously completing my economics classwork, Pramila suddenly started pinching me-HARD! 'what the hell is wrong with you?' I asked.  'idiot!!! it is that guy who always keeps staring at you!' she said , pointing at Ranveer Shah- a guy from the next class who had just entered our class to meet one of his friends.  'Are you mad?' I asked.' That is ranveer shah - one of the most popular guys in school and I have never ever spoken to him'.  ' I dont know about that.All I know is- He stares at you- a LOT!' she said.  'Well, I am looking at him now and I dont see him even looking in this direction, let alone staring at me' I said ,giving her a 'So you better shut up' look. Thankfully, after 5 minutes of grumbling, she dropped the topic.

Similar incidents happened for the next 3-4 months. Febrauary came, and brought the pre annuals with it. To say that I was studying 24*7 would be a  big fat lie. The reality? 3 hours of studying a day and almost triple the time spent in moaning about the exams. On the other hand,with increasing frequency, Pramila kept insisting that Ranveer is staring at me. I dont know why, but slowly I started 'noticing him' whenever he was around.Until then, when Pramila talked to me about him, i did not care . After all, I have never even spoken to the guy! But now, I was starting to care. what was really odd was that I never EVER caught him looking at me. only Pramila did! Just as I started to think that she was pulling my leg, one day, I saw him looking in my direction. And... there were no one else in my direction other than me!!!This is what happened - School was done for the day and I walked to my van and took my favorite place by the window when he passed by with a bunch of friends. I was looking at him, mentally thinking that if he did not look at me this time, everything Pramila had said was a big lie.Just as I was turning away, I saw him turn his face ever so slightly to look at me.Our eyes met!Both of us looked away.I dont know why, but suddenly, I turned around (so that I was facing his back while he went by).Again, I met his eyes cos he was looking back directly at me!.

"O...k..." I thought. I was now totally confused. I dont know him, He does not know me.He is very popular and I am not. I am not even that pretty.I mentally scolded myself for even considering that maybe.. he liked me just cos he looked at me for 5 seconds! A look does not mean anything... right? Just then,  one of my van mates came and we talked to each other until I reached home. I told  Pramila about the incident the next day.'SEE!!!' she said- giving me an 'I told you so!!' look.'A look does not mean anything!' I argued.Nevertheless, I kept thinking about the incident and generally, him for the next few weeks. March came and it was time to take our finals. Every exam day, I kept lookig around randomly... hoping I would see him. Each day I saw him.Soon, the exams got over and  the week long holidays started. Somewhere in the middle, our results came.Yay! Atlast i was in 12th!!! I checked the faliure list. His name was not there:) ! (I dont know anything about him other than his name :P and neither do I know his friends so I had no other way to know ). Now, I am at the end of the break.School starts again in 2  days.I wonder a lot ..... Will we become friends? Does he actually look at me or am I just imagining things? What does it mean anyway? And most importantly.....'Why the hell do I care???'

                            ( This story was supposed to be continued brealisedut i  that a lot of you thought this post was about you. while this story is completely fictional, it is also relatable so the continuation is up to you guys :) muhuhahahaha! i feel so evil :P )

Friday, 30 March 2012


U know one of those scenes that you look at and are completely drawn to?You stand frozen to the spot just looking on ..... This is one of those scenes that completely mesmerised me...Luckily, I had a cam on me and could capture it. The only word I can use to describe it is 'magical'- a place where you can 'feel' magic all around you.
Ps.One song that goes well with this place is 'magic' by Selena Gomez

Thursday, 29 March 2012

From the sanctum to the dinner plate :(


Dear members of the older generations, Here I am , a member of this generation, Here to voice my views on how I see my generation.Thousands of articles have been written, thousands of arguments have filled social circles, thousands of groans, moans and complaints about 'This horrible younger generation'.Well, this is what I have always wanted to tell those who explained with great enthusiasm the many failings of my generation.Firstly, when it comes to humaneness, I have just one thing to say. Your generation treated some humans as dogs. Our generation treats dogs as friends - as equals.Your generation blamed the abandoned children for the mistakes of their parents. Our generation blames the parents. not the children.Secondly, responsibility and commitment. Our generation is NOT irresponsible.its just that we give various responsibilities their place and dont let them consume our lives.Commitment? Contrary to your views dear elders,our generation does not shy away from commitment. We just know when to see common sense( no offence meant of course).Often i hear complaints about the loose morales and over-independance of my generation.Let me tell you,this is not true. Its just that the definition of what is acceptable and what is not has changed. Afterall, isnt evolution a continues process?Culture and heritage I hear? well, sure.People of my generation prefer denim over saris and veshti's in day to day life.Why? because we find them comfortable. After all, isnt satiating comfort a basic need?You have to admit though ,that we voluntarily don traditional wear during religious ceremonies and while visiting places of worship.Over-expressiveness?Isnt that the reason why some elders tried to censor the information on the net?The truth is, We of this generation are not over-expressive. We are just more exressive and fearless than your generation.A popular saying of your generation was- 'Never trust a man who cries and a woman who laughs'.What is that supposed to mean?Men are never supposed to express sorrow and women,joy? How gendered is that?While you described mentally disturbed people as 'haunted', we describe them as' In need of special attension'.Sure, there are many bad aspects of my generation.But isnt that true of any generation?Isnt that true of human kind itself?Your generation must have been 'unstable' in the eyes of your elders.As a last word, I would say, if you have a problem with a person of my generation, blame the person. Not the generation.

I am back!!!

After a pityful 7 posts in 2011, I am back with the addition of my poem"The Proposal'.My March resolution is to keep writing at least two posts a week. However, being me, lets see how far I keep up to it :p And yes, Since my previous posts were mostly poems, I am planning to also post a lot of 'just writings' :)


Beneath the inky sky,
Under the watchful stars,
Stands a girl so shy,
Bathed in silver moonlight

Slender in form,
Delicate to behold,
Of her beauty n charms,
No words can be told

Beside her on the sand
Kneels a handsome man
Waiting with bated breadth
for acceptance- to take her hand

Every moment seems long to him
The weight of nervousness - painful
And then she utters a single word..
Ah! No word ever sounded this wonderful!

"yes" she says
Thereby sealing their combined fate
He folds her into his embrace
Atlast! She was to be his mate

Looking onto the sea,
Still locked in an embrace,
They dance with wild abandon
For henceforth life- together they shall face