Monday, 11 August 2014



I'm the girl you called a liar

I'm the girl you called a thief
I'm the girl who cried herself to bed
I'm the one who wished she were dead

I'm the girl who begged to be included,

I'm the girl you called a loser
It's me you bullied.
that you cut with your words
It's me who believed,
that she was unwanted and cursed.

But now, I've grown , Brave and Strong 

No more a victim, But a glorious survivor


I read books, like they tell my story

I sing songs , for they free my soul
I love old places , maps and history 
Chocolates and travel, mysteries aplenty

I dance madly , with all that's in me

I laugh loudly , with no restraints
I dream big, with stars in my eyes 
I move freely, with no constraints 

I love, I laugh, I cry , I fall

I shout and scream my frustrations aloud 
I dance, I sing, I smile and fight 
I am me , unashamed and proud 


1 comment:

  1. You are a great in writing Poems.
    Or I should say your poems are full of emotions.
    They are Incredible, amazing and makes me read then once again