Monday, 2 May 2011


Under the pale moonshine,
the delicate butterfly danced to a solitary plant
with leaves a plenty, large and broad,
it was to be it's babies' shrine

the next day,
shining eggs were found
on the underside of a leaf
with ties of siblinghood, they were bound.

soon,an uneventful  week flowed by,
the appointed day came,
the caterpillars came out of their eggs,
theur mother knew a joy nothing could maim.

they ate up all the delicate leaves
till the plant became quite bare,
they grew fat and robust
and breathed in the sweet air.

then they wrapped themselves
into a warm cocoon
where they were to spend a week or two
twas indeed  a comfortable home to dwell.

now, a miracle takes place
out of one cocoon,
slowly emerges a crumpled form
with slow and beautiful grace.

it stretches its crumpled wings
 lifts its head towards the sun.
behold a magnificent butterfly
with a delicate form and multi hued wings.

it dances under the golden sun,
the rays, glancing on its wings
filled with joy, filled with excitement,
it flies away in an unknown directio

Friday, 22 April 2011

A cycling adventure

It was the summer of '05 when this happened.My friend and I had decided to have a bicycling race. The lane outside my home is a very long and quiet lane which leads to a noisy main road. We started at a point outside my home and decided to end at a point outside my friend's home. At that time, I was as fit as a fiddle and could cycle at a very competitive speed. 2 minutes into the race and I had taken the lead. That was when I saw a man at a distance from me,standing in the middle of the road talking to somebody on his personal phone!!!!!
I tried applying the brakes but I realised that they were not working!!! I started ringing the cycle bell madly and shouting wildly at the man who was unfortunately too engrossed in his talk to hear the loud cacophony!!!!
When he did hear, he turned around but was too bewildered to do anything but stand gaping at my fast approaching form. My cycle and I crashed into him and surprisingly, both he and the cycle landed on me !!!! Fortunately, neither of us got hurt and both of us burst into laughter. My friend had reached the spot by then and she joined in too.
That day, I learnt a lesson- always check your cycle brakes before starting out and never stand talking in the middle of the road, oblivious to the people around!!!

written for my cousin on the day of her marriage

I'ts a new day.
you donno how its gonna be.........

A new year 
is so very near...........

The sun shines bright
you see a ray of light........

I'ts the month of may
now is the big day........

The one you love
is gonna become yours.......

I'ts an important move
in the life of yours

Wish you a happy married life
for the rest of your life

May you be together for ever
and ever and ever and ever......


Some people have the quality
to make you smile
Some people have the quality
to make you cry

Some of us are very rude
Some of us say hey chill dude
Some of us just hate to talk
Some of us just hate to stop

All of us in the world
are as different as can be
Some of us just scream about
saying please notice me....

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

I come in different shapes
I come in different sizes
I come in different hues
I come at different prices

I show what I see
however ugly however fair
not what u expect to see
an individual, a group or a pair

Regardless of gender
I am important to all
tall or short
big or small

I am truthful
for i have no one to fear
no matter who, no matter what,
I am always faithful.......


it's always been a dream of mine to become a writer and  prerna & shivangi have made my dream come true.thanks both of you