Monday, 2 May 2011


Under the pale moonshine,
the delicate butterfly danced to a solitary plant
with leaves a plenty, large and broad,
it was to be it's babies' shrine

the next day,
shining eggs were found
on the underside of a leaf
with ties of siblinghood, they were bound.

soon,an uneventful  week flowed by,
the appointed day came,
the caterpillars came out of their eggs,
theur mother knew a joy nothing could maim.

they ate up all the delicate leaves
till the plant became quite bare,
they grew fat and robust
and breathed in the sweet air.

then they wrapped themselves
into a warm cocoon
where they were to spend a week or two
twas indeed  a comfortable home to dwell.

now, a miracle takes place
out of one cocoon,
slowly emerges a crumpled form
with slow and beautiful grace.

it stretches its crumpled wings
 lifts its head towards the sun.
behold a magnificent butterfly
with a delicate form and multi hued wings.

it dances under the golden sun,
the rays, glancing on its wings
filled with joy, filled with excitement,
it flies away in an unknown directio