Saturday, 31 May 2014


Hello! This is another heart warming incident I came across while in the bus . 
I was standing in a medium-crowded bus and was looking out of the opposite window.  A women and her son sitting in the second row caught my attention. This woman was really young, around 22 and her son looked like he was around 5. At first glance I thought he was her cousin or nephew, but then, I noticed the mangalsutra around her neck and... he called her Amma when they got off the bus. 
Anyway, this lady was sitting quietly and her son was falling asleep. She had several bags on her lap and around her feet. Yet, she twisted her body into what looked like a very uncomfortable posture to support his head so he would not jerk awake. She did not even show a twinge of discomfort. Instead , she looked down at him with a soft smile.
This was really heartwarming. Its just an example of the things our loved ones do for us. Things we don't even realize, Things we don't ever thank them for, yet show the amount of love they have for us :)


I was surfing through the net, searching for an easy to make garlic bread recipe, and this is what I found. Damn! This is so simple and tastes like your very own piece of heaven . Best of all? It takes under 3 minutes to make and uses only 4 very common ingredients! 

1 slice bread
1 clove of garlic
1/2 tsp olive oil
salt to taste


  1. Lightly brush the olive oil on both sides of the bread . 
  2. Make a paste out of the garlic clove (by mashing it ), apply to both sides . (Its ok if tiny pieces stick to the bread )
  3. Toast the bread on a Tawa till golden brown
RESULT:  You have some DILlll....icious garlic bread which rivals its extremely overpriced siblings from the poshest hotels! 
PS. I used mutigrain bread and it was awesome!!!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014


I officially turned 18 a few days ago and was so very excited because, apart from the obviously much awaited  legal entry into adulthood (yay! ), I could now drive! My family is really strict about keeping to the law so I was never allowed to even attempt driving before . 
Day 1 of driving school... I am really excited and go in with bucket loads of enthusiasm. I sit behind the wheel and then ... AND THEN  I learn that driving is not as simple as i thought!
 There are gears to change, judgements to make about distance and extent of steering, signals and speed breakers to watch out for, and since I live in India, dogs, cows, and reckless drivers to deal with and dodge.OH! and don't forget ! confusion about the general mechanisms of driving a car. I guess it does not help that I am prone to watching only a limited area and am often caught in day dreams.
RESULT : A mess every morning where I end up really really confused. It has also translated onto my cycle riding skills (clean please! ) Earlier, I was good at it. I used to cycle to school and anywhere within a 5 km radius. Today, when I decided to go cycling, I saw myself constantly muttering prayers along the lines of "Please don't kill me. please don't kill me. I wont bother you, you don't bother me ok? God!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!! hey, Dude, yea yea awesome bike. now please stay away from me. please. " 

Basically, extremely stressful. Apparently, this is how learners usually feel in the beginning . well, i hope that's the case with me and that I can soon navigate along the roads without suffering mini- heart attacks at an alarming frequency ! Meanwhile, people who already drive, I have a new found respect for all of you.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A little boy by the tank

Sometimes, you come across these really small things ,which, for some unfathomable reason ,touch your heart and make you smile
There i was, just waiting idly in the bus stand, waiting for my annoyingly late bus. Suddenly, i see this little kid running at top speed towards me. At the last minute, he veers off, and stands panting right behind me , in front of the enclosure surrounding the mylapore tank.
He looks up, at something on a tree on the inside. He looks at it so intently, i get curious and look up too. There, I spot a mango.A green mango, ready for the picking.

The boy stares lustfully at it.He jumps, of course, he does not reach it.He jumps again, he does not reach it.He looks around, finds a stick and jumps with it... to no avail. 
He now climbs up a part of the enclosure, reaches out - still he does not touch the mango. He tries to climb farther but he slips. Now, he looks around for a bigger stick, he doesn't find any, Dejected, he walks away.

This you would think is the end of the matter. but no. Now, he comes back with iron cast determination, with a little girl in tow. The girl looks at him admiringly. He climbs up again. He stretches, stretches, almost reaches, but not quite.

'paravale anna ' She says - its ok big brother. He does not seem to hear, he tries again and again . Finally, he gives up. He climbs down and sits down , looking so sad. His sister comes up to him and with a big smile, produces a chalk. He smiles back and they both settle down, side by side, drawing squiggly things on the wall.
(ps. I would have attached pictures but they got accidentally deleted )