Sunday, 30 March 2014


So yeah, one of those crazy ideas, which just might work. I'm planning to write short posts about incidents which I came across , and made me go AWWW :P :D

SO,Here, is Heartwarming no.1:

 The other day, I was travelling to college by bus. I was bored, and looking out of the window, with music blaring in my headphones. The bus suddenly jolted to a stop( Chennai bus drivers, I tell you... :/).
A man and a woman got down from the bus. The man was this typical North Indian guy - Tall, super fair, with pitch black hair. The woman was a pakka madras ponnu - Thick black, well oiled hair in a  long plait, a Big red bindhi, modest salwar kameez. 
They, were obviously a couple.
 As the woman was getting out of the bus, the man held a hand out to her.They shared a meaningful look, and with a soft smile, started walking to wherever they were going .The fact that the gesture seemed so automatic was for some reason really touching. As a college student, I am exposed to copious amounts of P.D.A on an all too regular basis, But this for some reason struck me as the most romantic, sweet and charming.