Saturday, 28 December 2013

Addiction and Moral Character

'Choodu! tagubothu yadava! tinnadi aragagapothe elanti picchi panulu chestharu! veelatho matladatam koda wastu!'

Translated into English, this roughly means 'LOOK!look at that useless drunkard! Even talking to his kind is a waste of time'

Growing up,many of us have heard variations of this sentence, in different languages, from different people , ranging from parents to aunts, uncles, grandparents, acquaintances and even friends.

However, this ideology that everyone who drinks, smokes or does any of the other 'vices' is  necessarily useless, or worthless exemplifies a world where everything is either black or white.
How true is this?

Now,I am not trying to support drinking, or smoking. While im not completely against them, I definitely do not encourage them . In fact, I am pro-Anti addiction.

But, what I am trying to say is this. Maybe like many other things, here too there is a vast grey area. Why do they drink? Why do they smoke? When does it become a problem? What does it say about character? Why do we judge people who have recovered from addiction ? When they are ready to help themselves and move on, WHY do we still label them and push their past in their face at every opportunity?
Some say that turning to these psychoactive substances is weakness. I say, that being able to recover and regain control over yourself and your life is strength. 
What these people, who are brave enough to accept they have a problem and strong enough to make the change need is forgiveness, encouragement, acknowledgement and a warm environment. Now im not saying forget all their sins. That is stupid because some things can never be forgotten. But try to forgive them. Or , at least try to be a passive observer, because a hostile environment is the strongest determinant of chances of rebounding.
Realize that addiction and character, while complicatedly entwined, are not necessarily inter-dependent. So the next time you see a person genuinely trying, if you cant encourage them , at least don't discourage them through your words or actions. 

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Imagine the scene... You are swaying your body to David Garrett music (cos calling it dance in my case, is insulting :P).Suddenly, the bell to your room rings (yes, my room has a bell which people love to ring just for the heck of it), so you walk down the stairs in search of your mom. suddenly, a delicious smell hits your senses and leads you into the kitchen where delicious Bombay toast is being made!
For many people, Bombay toast is no big deal (this particular dish goes by different names in different parts of the world ), but for me, its a rarity... a piece of heaven. I bit into it and could literally feel myself floating in a cloud of bliss. Of course, my family laughed at the way i was relishing it. But who cares? for those few minutes... 
So here's how you make it- You mix egg, milk and sugar in a bowl and dip bread slices in it. Before the bread becomes too soggy you fry it in a well buttered pan and then.... you go on a journey to heaven!

Thursday, 12 September 2013


Hmm... Its been more than a year since the last time i posted  out here. A year. Sad really. Well, I decided to look at my blog and make some changes. The layout, background and some of the posts have been changed. I have decided to make the blog a little informal (starting from today :P) and put in more day to day occurrences AND... WRITE MORE THAN ONCE A YEAR! :p hopefully this will be one resolution i can keep :P

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Desk gets a Makeover !!! :D

After days, weeks, months even,of watching it being overloaded with a variety of papers,books,scraps and some unmentionable items, atlast... i decided to organise my trusty old desk - the very same one that saw me through my Winnie The Pooh and Barbie/Kelly days .I guess if desks could talk, this one would file a suit against me. Whats worse? It would win! :p It has been unmercifully loaded with not just books, but with food ( random bff parties- dont ask :P),coffee, cups, cans, glasses, clothes , people (my cousins always love sitting on it)  and random items which cant be kept anywhere else - all of which has transformed it from a handsome, proud, wooden beauty to a discoloured ,sad, under-appreciated piece of... furniture :P

Thank god it cant complain! Anyway, given that today is a holiday and that i cant stand to see its sorry plight anymore ,I decided to put it out of its misery and started to organise it.With punjabi beats playing in the background ,determination in my mind and a mountain of files beside me, I started what i thought would take no time. Boy!Was i mistaken! It took me two hours of running behind flyaway sheets,segregating,laughing at 'notes' passed around in class, trashing several papers and generally breathing chaos!At the end of it, i am left with very few articles and a whole continent of trash. But its worth it cos i can almost see my desk smiling at me :P