Monday, 11 August 2014



I'm the girl you called a liar

I'm the girl you called a thief
I'm the girl who cried herself to bed
I'm the one who wished she were dead

I'm the girl who begged to be included,

I'm the girl you called a loser
It's me you bullied.
that you cut with your words
It's me who believed,
that she was unwanted and cursed.

But now, I've grown , Brave and Strong 

No more a victim, But a glorious survivor


I read books, like they tell my story

I sing songs , for they free my soul
I love old places , maps and history 
Chocolates and travel, mysteries aplenty

I dance madly , with all that's in me

I laugh loudly , with no restraints
I dream big, with stars in my eyes 
I move freely, with no constraints 

I love, I laugh, I cry , I fall

I shout and scream my frustrations aloud 
I dance, I sing, I smile and fight 
I am me , unashamed and proud 


Wednesday, 6 August 2014


What is your dream? 
Each and every one of us have a dream. Something that we want more than anything in life. Something that almost seems too good to be true- THE one thing you would do if you could do anything!
When people generally choose careers, they focus on several things like the money they would earn, the time taken for training and the job demands. Yes, these are certainly important. 
But, the problem arises when they forget to question exactly what they want from life and use this answer to fuel their choice.
 The result? Discontentment, A feeling that something is missing and a lack of real sense of purpose in life. 


1) When you follow your dreams, work becomes enjoyable. 

Lets face it, our work - our profession is one of the most important things in our adult life. When you are not happy with the work you do, it feels forced. You are unhappy and this unhappiness translates into other areas of life. 
On the other hand, when you do the work you love, you look forward to it. it becomes something you WANT to do, rather than something you are forced to do. It gives you happiness .

2) Want - the greatest motivator

Want or desire is one of the greatest motivators there is. When you really want something, you don't let anything or anyone stop you from getting it.
So, when you do the work that you want to do, you push yourself to the limits. You work harder and longer than you ever thought was possible. Your creativity blossoms and you innovate like never before.

3)Your chances for SUCCESS increase

SUCCESS. this is such a ambiguous word isn't it? While definitions of success vary, one thing is clear. Those who succeed always give in more than what is expected of them . They DON'T give up. They may repeatedly arrive at dead ends but they still persevere.
When you care about what you do and are really passionate about it, You are willing to go the extra mile. You are willing to keep on against all odds and ultimately you achieve your dream.

4) What-ifs are NOT your reality

One of the worst things that can happen when you grow old, and look back on your life,  is to question what your life has been all about. 
Where has all the time gone? what do you have to show for it? 
The What-Ifs haunt you. WHAT IF  , you had followed your dreams? WHAT IF , you had not let self doubt, fear or excuses stop you from doing what you want? WHAT IF?
When you follow your dreams, this is not your reality. You take a chance on your dreams. You pursue them and open yourself up to all opportunities. 
Yes, you make mistakes. Yes, you get knocked down now and then. BUT, you at least tried! You gave life your best shot. 

Remember, life is short. you only live once . So why waste this precious life doing something you hate?