Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Note : Ever since I wrote this poem, I have received various responses ranging from " Are you trying to come out", to - "You're going to hell". Let me tell you why I chose this issue.
The world is ripping apart at the seams with the hatred and cruelty of one group of humans against an other, on various issues. We are becoming so rigid in our beliefs that we hate to see the differences in others which contradict what we believe in. We fail to realize that if we truly believed in something, we wouldn't require external validation. While homosexuality is slowly being accepted, there are still so many homophobic people amongst us who are willing to kill someone for the crime of loving another against societal norms. Instead, lets understand that one's sexuality needn't threaten us just because its different from ours , Lets embrace human diversity and live with each other, instead of opposed to each other.

Her heart is strong, True and warm
The love she spreads, a sheer delight
But THIS heart has erred, ‘they’ say
For she loves not a man, but a woman
She loves not a man , but a woman!!!
Oh what great a crime!

Her days are spent spreading joy
Her time, she gives freely, to those in need
Seeking to add a little bit of shine
Even in times when its beyond her means
But OH NO! shun her, Don’t let her near!
For she loves not a man , but a woman

At work, she’s a Whiz
Her every creation , the fruit of great dedication
Her achievements? OH! Plenty and great!
Her record? Unquestionable!
But OH NO! Shun her! Don’t let her near!
For she loves not a man , but a woman

Her friends know her for the angel she is
Never too far, a constant star
Shes always there- in rain and shine
A strong shoulder,  A sweet smile,  A warm hug
But OH NO! Shun her! Wish her dead!
For she loves not a man , but a woman

A caring daughter, A loving sister
A faithful partner , and a remarkable friend
Beauty, grace, charm, style,
Strength, love , brains – A charming delight
But OH NO! None of these matter!
Shun her, Shame her, Wish her dead!

For you see….. She loves not a man , but a woman !