Sunday, 1 April 2012



(This is a short episode out of the life of a girl called Radhika- a 11th grader  )

That day, while I was walking from the AV room of my school, back to class, my hyper-active friend suddenly stopped me in mid-sentence  and started whispering frantically - "RAD!!!! there He is!!! He is looking at you again" I rolled my eyes, There she goes!' I thought. 'Radhika!!!!! Look NOW! He is staring at you!!!!' -she screamed in my ear. 'Pramila, is it absolutely necessary that you scream in my ear?I dont CARE who is looking at me or why ok? so stop making up stories'. Pramila silent screamed in frustration ' I am NOT making up any stories' she says. Thankfully, by that time we reached class.

A week later, while I was studiously completing my economics classwork, Pramila suddenly started pinching me-HARD! 'what the hell is wrong with you?' I asked.  'idiot!!! it is that guy who always keeps staring at you!' she said , pointing at Ranveer Shah- a guy from the next class who had just entered our class to meet one of his friends.  'Are you mad?' I asked.' That is ranveer shah - one of the most popular guys in school and I have never ever spoken to him'.  ' I dont know about that.All I know is- He stares at you- a LOT!' she said.  'Well, I am looking at him now and I dont see him even looking in this direction, let alone staring at me' I said ,giving her a 'So you better shut up' look. Thankfully, after 5 minutes of grumbling, she dropped the topic.

Similar incidents happened for the next 3-4 months. Febrauary came, and brought the pre annuals with it. To say that I was studying 24*7 would be a  big fat lie. The reality? 3 hours of studying a day and almost triple the time spent in moaning about the exams. On the other hand,with increasing frequency, Pramila kept insisting that Ranveer is staring at me. I dont know why, but slowly I started 'noticing him' whenever he was around.Until then, when Pramila talked to me about him, i did not care . After all, I have never even spoken to the guy! But now, I was starting to care. what was really odd was that I never EVER caught him looking at me. only Pramila did! Just as I started to think that she was pulling my leg, one day, I saw him looking in my direction. And... there were no one else in my direction other than me!!!This is what happened - School was done for the day and I walked to my van and took my favorite place by the window when he passed by with a bunch of friends. I was looking at him, mentally thinking that if he did not look at me this time, everything Pramila had said was a big lie.Just as I was turning away, I saw him turn his face ever so slightly to look at me.Our eyes met!Both of us looked away.I dont know why, but suddenly, I turned around (so that I was facing his back while he went by).Again, I met his eyes cos he was looking back directly at me!.

"O...k..." I thought. I was now totally confused. I dont know him, He does not know me.He is very popular and I am not. I am not even that pretty.I mentally scolded myself for even considering that maybe.. he liked me just cos he looked at me for 5 seconds! A look does not mean anything... right? Just then,  one of my van mates came and we talked to each other until I reached home. I told  Pramila about the incident the next day.'SEE!!!' she said- giving me an 'I told you so!!' look.'A look does not mean anything!' I argued.Nevertheless, I kept thinking about the incident and generally, him for the next few weeks. March came and it was time to take our finals. Every exam day, I kept lookig around randomly... hoping I would see him. Each day I saw him.Soon, the exams got over and  the week long holidays started. Somewhere in the middle, our results came.Yay! Atlast i was in 12th!!! I checked the faliure list. His name was not there:) ! (I dont know anything about him other than his name :P and neither do I know his friends so I had no other way to know ). Now, I am at the end of the break.School starts again in 2  days.I wonder a lot ..... Will we become friends? Does he actually look at me or am I just imagining things? What does it mean anyway? And most importantly.....'Why the hell do I care???'

                            ( This story was supposed to be continued brealisedut i  that a lot of you thought this post was about you. while this story is completely fictional, it is also relatable so the continuation is up to you guys :) muhuhahahaha! i feel so evil :P )