Monday, 16 November 2015

Dear grandfather,

As a child, full of innocence,
Not knowing what to do or what to say
Tathagaru, you thought me 
That intelligence is the most important , be it night or day

You inspired me to learn, 
Encouraged my love for books
You made me feel like I'm allright
In a world which constantly critizised me for my looks

You made me want to know, 
To explore all the curiosities in the world
You made me raise my voice 
Whether in outrage, joy or surprise 

You inspired by your example
And made me want to achieve
You helped me unfold my wings
And gave me the courage to be me

You keep stealing my books 
And arguing with me 
I keep messing up your hair 
But I guess that's how it was to be

Now I'm miles away 
In a different country and culture
But I want you to know this on this day
That to me, you are always a hero