Saturday, 2 April 2016


Forget all your troubles

Come to me my love

Tonight’s all we have

For memories, years from now

Forget about the future

The confusions and doubts of the past

Tonight, let’s dance together

Till tomorrow dawns bright

Let’s join together

Hearts, bodies, souls and minds

Now’s not the time for promises

But the time to rejoice and delight

Forget about them and their rules

Forget about the consequences which follow

Let’s forget everything, ourselves even 

And just be here, now, soul to soul

All that remains now, is you and I 

All that is here, is hearts beating alike

The fears and the overthinking can follow tomorrow

But for now, let’s just be, souls intertwined

1 comment:

  1. Wow , your poetry is showing the Brilliance you carry hidden inside !!!!

    Brilliant writing and Yes , you are improving alot.
    Your 'Significant Other' will be luckiest guy to get a chance to be with someone like YOU